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D O G   S E S S I O N S

We offer  two types of sessions Full and Mini.  The choice is entirely yours and I am happy to advise if you are unsure.  


Our 30 minute Mini sessions are perfect if you are short on time, have a young puppy or a senior dog or would just like a portrait in your favourite location. 

60-90 minutes long our Full sessions are perfect for capturing a variety of images maybe running through woodland jumping logs or dashing through the tide. Then slow it down and capture your dog in nature.


Whichever is perfect for you the experience is the same.  We want your session to be enjoyable and your dog to feel relaxed and happy.  We start with introductions and maybe cuddles if your dog is willing, if not don't worry we'll give them the space they need. Most of our images will be natural - following your dog as he explores.  If your dog is high energy but the image you would like requires a lead - no problem we can airbrush the lead out in image editing.  

Does my dog need to be well trained? 

Not at all! We can arrange our session any time of the day, so if they need space we can plan a time and place that is quiet. We can use a long line to keep your dog safe.  Most of the images will be taken as your dog behaves naturally. So if you would like some shots of your dog lying down or sitting  we'll take these shots at the end of the walk.

So, what should you bring with you?


To be honest anything, maybe a favourite toy to motivate or just to have in the picture, maybe a blanket to wrap around them and a family member for some sunuggle shots. If your dog is motivated by food then some treats would be handy and some water to keep them hydratd. If your dog usually wears a harness I would suggest for the session they wear a collar and lead and if you have lots of collars and can't decide which to bring then bring a choice.  If your dog wears accessorises fabulous!  We'll have a wardrobe change.   We want your image to be perfect for you  and want to take our time to make sure we capture it.

After our session I will sort through the images back in my office and prepare them for you to view on your private gallery.  This gallery will be on a password protected album on our website so you can view them from the comfort of your own home.  This process usually takes up to two weeks and I will contact you as soon as they are ready.

What Wall Art Can I Buy?

How you want to display your images is entirely up to you.  We have a variety of products available or you can have the option to purchase high resolution digital copies.  Click on products to see prices.

Mini Photo Shoot
Full Photo Shoot

Mini Session 

30 minutes 


One complimentary high res

digital downloads


Full Session

1 Hour


Two complimentary high res

digital dowloads

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