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Basic Commands

Teaching your puppy to be a good citizen helps build your bond and teaches your puppy rules and boundaries. If your puppy is polite and well mannered the world is a bigger place for him as you'll be happy to take him everywhere with you. Remember to make sure your puppy is happy and relaxed before you start training and never ever force your puppy into the desired position. Start sessions in the home with little or no distractions, progress to the garden and then practice outside with distractions. If your pup is having difficulty concentrating pop him on his lead.

Teaching His/Her Name

Start by using natural opportunities, for example as your puppy is approaching you use his name with a friendly tone and an open friendly body posture, like arms open. Give physical and vocal praise as his reward.

Use occasions around the house when your puppy is close - say his name and reward. Build on distance, always reward and you'll soon find recall becomes dependable. Your aim is to have your puppy coming as soon as he hears you say his name. Build up to coming away from distractions around the garden and then outside. Remember: don't over use his name as it will just become another sound.


Standing, call him towards you. Use his name, a sound or treat to gain his attention and look up. If you keep his attention he should naturally sit before you waiting to see whats happening, as he does use the command sit. Give lots of praise. Repeat.


Best obtained from a sit position and can need lots of patience. Use a treat as a lure, with the treat between your fingers encourage your pup to lick the reward as he does lower it to the ground and move the treat forward slowly but do not release the treat until your puppy has assumed the down position. You might need to repeat to gain your puppies attention. As soon as your pup lies down use the word "down" release the treat and repeat. If your pup is having difficulty grasping the concept try using your body. Sit with your knees bent forming a low bridge show your puppy the treat and encourage him to lick the reward as he crawls under. When his elbows and rear touch the floor release the reward and say "down". Repeat. Aim to fade out the lure so your puppy is doing a solid down by vocal command.


Start with your pup in the sit or stand position, standing in front of him, gain his attention and use the vocal command wait, raising and showing the flat of your hand. Stand upright and stationery for a few seconds before bending down and rewarding your pup. Over the next few weeks practice the command taking a step back further and further and increase the timeframe. Use natural situations to reinforce i.e at the door, before feeding etc.

Keep your vocal command relaxed and friendly and to a minimum. Try not to repeat to often.


Usually used in the down position and teaching techniques used are the same for wait. However, a release from the command is made when you are back at your puppies side.

A solid down stay is when you can move around your puppy and they stay where they are.


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