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The Golden Rules Before You Start Puppy Training

Puppies make eager students and you should start teaching them the basics as soon as you get them home. There are some simple golden rules you should follow to make it more enjoyable for you and your puppy.

1. Puppies are very intuitive and even very young pups will pick up on your emotions. The best time to train your pup is when your feeling happy and relaxed and not rushed.

2. Keep sessions short and fun, puppies can loose concentration quickly. Its always best to do several 5 minute sessions than a full half hour.

3. Always end your sessions on a high, perhaps finish with a command that you know your pupppy/dog can do.

4. Use rewards, nothing motivates more than a tasty treat. Be careful not to over feed, treats can be taken from your pups mealtime allowance. If your pup isn't motivated by food try using a squeaky toy or pup friendly teddy as a reward. Never punish, shout or physically force your pup into position. Keeping your tone level and calm will keep your puppy/dog level and calm too.

5. Find a quiet space to practice. Once your pup has fully mastered a command you can add distractions and even move on to practising outside.


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