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Keeping Your Pet Safe on Bonfire Night

Our Top Five Tips for you and your pet on Bonfire Night.

Bonfire night has to be the most dreaded night of the year for pet owners. Here’s our top five tips to help keep your pet safe and calm:-

1. Keep Indoors

Ideally keep your pet indoors during the evening, especially around the most popular times for displays. Make sure all windows and doors are kept closed and if you do need to open the door be extra vigilant, your pet might want to flee. If you are expecting visitors, make sure visitors are aware of the importance of containing your pet. Take your dog for a good long walk well before dark.

Make sure your pet wears his collar with ID Tag and is microchipped in case the worst should happen and they get loose or is spooked and run off.

2. Behave normally

Our pets are very intuitive and read our body language. Following them round and being over affectionate will confuse your pet and will make them feel anxious. Try and behave normally, if your pet has access to all of the house continue with this, confining them to one room might confuse them and make them feel anxious.

3. Create a safe place

Creating a safe place in your home can help make your pet feel secure. If your dog has a crate cover it with blankets to create a den. Alternatively, cover a table in blankets and place a comfortable bed under.

4. Keep them occupied

Purchasing long lasting chews can occupy your dog and use your TV or radio to drown out the worst of the noise, most pets like classical music and in our home we make sure each room has something with a strong bass gently playing in it. It’s not just the loud bangs that can cause your pet to be nervous, the flashes of light can upset them too. Draw the curtains or blinds in every room and keep the house well lit.

5. Speak to your Vet

If you know your pet will be extremely nervous seek professional help. Your vet may be able to prescribe medication such as calming tablets or room diffusers that omit calming smells. If you have a CD player consider purchasing a Pet Therapy Disc that mimics fireworks. You can use this prior to the 5th November to de-sensitise your pet before the day. Start on a low volume gradually increasing the sound.


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