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Summer Fun

We've had a fabulous Summer and I don't think the weather has been too unkind. We took our dogs away with us for the first time and I can thoroughly recommend it!.

Yes sometimes its nice not to have to worry about your dog, but if you choose a place that is dog friendly, its fantastic!

We were very lucky as we were staying in private accommodation that allowed dogs but whilst we were in the area we noticed a lot of dog friendly accommodation.

We made sure we packed some of our dogs favourite toys, blankets and beds so they felt comfortable and had familar things around them just in case they felt stressed with the change. Thankfully our boys are happy-go-lucky dogs, they just found the change exciting. We checked out where the local vet was and their opening times - just in case.

The Journey

We were holidaying in the UK, Cornwall, in fact. Nevertheless it was a long journey. We made frequent stops to let the dogs stretch their legs and toilet. Some stops we planned into the journey and had up to an hour visiting the local area. Other stops were a quick toilet break and back into the car. We made sure they had plenty of space in the car and we gave them extra bedding for comfort.

The arrival

As we had the full run of our holiday home and garden it was great to arrive and be able to let the dogs out. The gardens were huge and our first mission before unpacking was to check the perimeters. This was especially important as the house backed onto the local farmers field. We needn't have worried as the field wasnt used the whole time we were there but at least we were happy knowing that the dogs were secure and weren't going to worry any livestock. Our dogs are obviously microchipped but we made sure they wore their collars before letting them out or off lead anywhere. The tags have our mobile numer on. We kept the dogs to their usual feeding times, again to help them feel relaxed. The only change was the fact that their normal morning walk lasted all day!! Coming home at the end of the day, everyone exhausted (that happy holiday type of tiredness), was great.


The beaches are fabulous in Cornwall but not all are dog friendly. Most have a dog ban between April and October but there is still plenty of places where dogs are allowed. Perran Porth for example has a dedicated area so dog walkers and beach go'ers can share the beach. Its clearly marked and not very far out. The beach cafe allows dogs both outside on the veranda and inside.

We found some fabulous websites before we went that provided good information and Google Reviewers advice was invaluable. I would highly recommend if you travel somehwere and you either love it or hate it let people know! Parking, route planners and dog friendly eateries reviews were our bible.

Because we had done our research we knew exactly where are family and dogs would be welcome and there was no dashing back to the car to go find somewhere else to eat or visit. The National Trust at Trellissk Gardens was amazing and the information available on the National Trust website is a must read before you visit. any of their amazing locations.

Days Out

Being the UK we did'nt have to worry too much about the heat. However, for the most part of our time away the weather was gorgeous and I was a little bit worried about the dogs being out in the heat. With a little bit of fore thought it wasn't a problem. We made sure we headed out during the early morning before the sun got too hot, kept the dogs cool by allowing them to get wet. We took plenty of water and collapsible water bowls (easily packed) and kept a watch on how much they ran about. We packed some bones/chews for them to have some down time and towels and wind breaks provided shade. At Crantock Beach we even had our own cave for the kids and the dogs to keep cool in. The hottest part of the day was when we retreated inside. We ate, dogs slept. Perfect.

Time to Pack Up and Go Home

Before we knew it the holiday was over and it was time to go home. We always travel on a Sunday as Holiday Parks, Hotels and Camping Sites usually have a Friday or Saturday change-over day. Everyone had had a fabulous holiday. The dogs had behaved impeccably and we loved sharing new adventures with them.


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