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Leasowe Bay Sand Dunes and Gun Site

Our first photo location review is where I do most of my photo sessions. With good reason. It's perfect for capturing moments running through the water, playing in the tide, digging in the sand or maybe you'd prefer escaping into the woodlands for wild flowers and dappled sunlight. Maybe chilling amongst the long grass in the sand dunes is more your idea of portrait heaven. As the seasons change so does the atmosphere of both these fabulous locations.

How to get there

Leasowe Bay and the Gunsite are two completely different walks but in the same location. The Bay is a sweeping beach overlooked by sand hills and sand dunes, the Gunsite is a large open field surrounded by mature trees and two golf courses.

Both Leasowe Bay and The Gunsite are accessed by car via a small tarmac track (Green Lane) off the A554. On foot The Gunsite can be accessed via 2 footpaths off Leasowe Road and Leasowe Bay is just a short 15 minute walk (steady pace) from Derby Pool or in the opposite direction from Leasowe Lighthouse.

Car Parks

Parking is currently free but this is under review and Wirral Council website has named this area as a proposed site to introduce charges. The planned charges are £1 for 1 hour, £2 for 2 hours £3 for 3 hours, £4 for 4 hours and £5 for over 4 hours. Annual permit £100. These charges will apply from 8am to 6.30pm. There are three good sized car parks, two at Gunsite and one overlooking the beach (Mockbeggar Wharf) further down the lane. Both have recently ben re-surfaced. At weekends it gets exceptionally busy especially during high tide and the single track lane can become very congested.

The Area

The Bay is used by various groups including Horse Riders, swimmers, canoe clubs, wind surfers children's football clubs (training sessions on the beach and up and down the sand hills) and micro light enthusiasts. Families set up barbecues and fires on the beach during the lighter nights which creates a lovely atmosphere and of course a sensational backdrop especially for sunset walks but this does mean unless your dog has perfect recall we might want to consider keeping them on the lead. Obviously this isn't a problem for the finished image as we can airbrush the lead out.

Whilst there is no bathroom facilities, occasionally you'll find a Barista Van selling teas coffee hot chocolate and cold drinks. I can recommend the hot chocolate.

Suitable for Young and Old Dogs

Both locations are suitable for young and senior dogs. There is plenty of space to run and relatively flat for elderly legs. The Gunsite is only a short distance from the car park and the walk has fairly flat terrain. The council have kept the grass long to encourage wildlife but there is a mowed out path around the edges. (most dogs find the long grass really good fun and we might be lucky enough to capture your furbaby jumping through it), however I would suggest that photo sessions for seniors is booked at only one of these two locations as the walk through to the beach is up hill and on uneven ground. The beach however, is accessed by a gentle slope leading from a flat path from the car park.

Depending on your dogs personality really depends on the time of day we should meet. If you have a reactive dog then less busier times include week days, early morning and or low tide when there is plenty of space. A note of caution! During low tide there is a danger of quick sand near to the rocks especially if the tide is incoming in. The incoming tide causes the water to run under the sand before the tide comes in. This is a real danger and many people have become trapped. The tide at Leasowe Bay comes in fairly quick and there is some sand banks that get surrounded by water so timing and caution is key.

Little bit of History

The name Leasowe comes from the Anglo Saxon Leasowe or Meadow Pastures. The Gunsite was an anti aircraft base created to protect the docks and surrounding areas from air raid attacks during WWII. From the sand hills there are great views looking out towards Wales and Liverpool.

If you'd like more information or have any questions please leave them in the comments below.


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