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Wirral Walks - Photo Shoot Guide

Our Location Session Guide to Wirral's finest locations


Wirral has so many amazing outdoor spaces most of which are accessible to everyone and depending on where you live you won't even need a car. Honestly its true - I bet there is even an amazing walk right outside your door - thats how lucky we are to live on The Wirral.

In this new series of Blogs I'll be reviewing a whole range of dog friendly walks where we could meet for your Pawtrait Pals photo session.

From sandy shorelines to shaded woodland rambles and even some inspired Urban walks (even a graffiti wall backdrop can act as a pop of colour. Stunning). In the new blog I'll include images of the area and pictures of some of the gorgeous dogs I've photographed in that location or I'll include my own so you can see some of the magic we can create.

Hopefully this will inspire you for your own photo session. I'll also be giving information on ease of parking as well as charges if applicable. I'll be talking about what facilities are near by, how accessible the walk is and grading the difficulty (things you might want to consider if you have a senior), as well as talking about best times to visit, what to avoid and what to look out for as we explore and I'll dabble in a little history telling for those areas I know ( you'll be surprised what went on and where).

You'll be able to leave a comment on each blog - so if you have any questions or would like to suggest a location to be reviewed please feel free to ask.

Head over to our website to view our first location - even if you know it we might of discovered something you've never seen.



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